Our Selection of Plants

Our unique line of potted plants includes everything from succulents to cacti. Our experienced staff will help you pick one with the right look and care requirements. Come see us for a gift for someone (or yourself) that will keep on giving.

We’ll make sure you know how to provide expert care for your new plant before you leave our store.

Of course, our inventory of plants varies seasonally, but we always have a great selection on hand. We carry traditional favourites like dracenias, begonias, aloe vera, lilies, palms, ferns, philodendrons and African violets.

Exotic and hard to find varieties are available, but don’t worry – we’ll supply care instructions. Some of these include birch pots, zygo, fiddle leaf figs, pink arrow neph, crotons, jades, Hindu rope and Sanseveria. We can even send you home with a venus flytrap.