Good Luck (Gold)

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Luck is neither lost nor found — not easily seen, but rather deeply felt. It isn't something that can be chased, my dear, for like our own wild hearts it cannot be caught or contained. It must be believed in, breathed in, grown towards and lived for. Luck is a true knowing, a spark within the deepest calling of your soul, a fire that will always burn as long as you trust the brilliance of its light. You’re living proof that anything is possible — all that you imagine you can create. You hold the air that breathes life into your dreams. Your hand is the hand that connects the stars. Whenever you start to feel doubt arise, may you have the courage to turn inward to all that is beautifully infinite. Like the universe, you are an endless creation, a canvas of your own making — an artist painting the sky with every shade of your heart's alignment. May you choose to ignite the sky, with the rainbow you’ve grown inside. Follow its hue, trust where it leads, knowing that it's made of the same unbounding faith and magic as you. For all that you need comes from the light within — it’s where you shine your brightest. Let its radiance remind you that the fire in your heart is the only gold worth finding. No, luck cannot be chased, my dear — it cannot be caught or contained — for wherever you go, whatever you do, all the luck you'll ever need is right there inside of you.

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